Guilty Pleasures

Whether you are out slaying the corporate jungle or chasing around little hooligans, we all deserve to treat ourselves a little. What qualifies as a little? I’ll let you make that call.

1. Chicken Shawarma


If I am having any kind of food craving then it is for Tony’s Special from Barakat in London. There was a point I was eating it so often, I thought I would never want to touch it again. Boy, was I wrong.

2. Fuzzy Socks


The ultimate blanket for your little toes.

3. Bath and Body Works


Products from Bath and Body Works have their own dedicated shelf in our home.

4. Typography Everything

“This is the good life”, “home sweet home” and “always kiss me goodnight”. These are just a few of the phrases you will see scattered all over the walls and decor in our home.

5. Coffee


Coffee is life’s fuel and the solution to a lot of problems.

6. Skinnygirl Margarita

The next best beverage after coffee is an ice cold margarita.

7. Winners, Marshalls & Homesense


I will always leave with something I didn’t know I needed or wanted.

8. Hot Sauce


I was first introduced to hot sauce by my best friend Jamie in college. My life has never been the same since.




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