A new year and the same old resolutions. Let’s be honest. I just copied and pasted my resolutions from 2017. Just kidding.

  1. Practice Self Love. Compliment yourself often, do not compare yourself to others and stop expecting so much from yourself! We are human, flawed and perfect all at the same time.
  2. Be Mindful Of What You Are Putting Into Your Body. That hidden chocolate drawer may be strategic, but it’s not very smart. Eating less processed food makes a significant difference in your energy. Focus on eating foods that have grown, roamed or swam on our beautiful planet.IMG_8388
  3. Track Calories. I know you can’t remember where you put your own head, so how can you remember to track your calories? This is easy to forget to do. It is also easy to forget how easily calories can add up. Download Lose It! in the app store to help keep you on track.IMG_8389
  4. Get More Sleep. Rest up buttercup! You need it! Don’t worry if people judge you for being too old when you’re ready to hit the hay at 7PM. They just don’t understand how amazing sleeping truly is.
  5. Spend Less Time On Social Media And The Internet. Wait, what time is it? Time flies when you’re scrolling through the good old twitter feed. Google is my enemy #1. I am full of knowledge and wisdom now because of it though. Do you want to know how tall LeBron James is? I have that buried away in my brain if you do. IMG_8371
  6. Put The Phone Down. Disconnect…your grip on that phone. You don’t really realize all the little things you miss while you are on your phone. That living, breathing thing sitting across the dinner table, they deserve attention too! 
  7. Say “No” More often. It is okay to say no to plans and favours. Some days you just want to kick back and binge watch Gilmore Girls. You shouldn’t have to explain yourself to anyone.IMG_8370
  8. Redirect Spending. Dollar bills, they come and they go. Shoes this week, a fence the next. Yes, things are nice but so are memories. Forget that bathroom renovation this year, I just booked us a one way ticket to an island far, far away.
  9. Worry Less. Hey you, professional worry wart. Sometimes you just have to live in the moment. They say everything happens for a reason. Seriously though, what’s going to happen and why?


Happy New Year!


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